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It’s Los Santos, and even beyond the multiplayer world might have opened all the doors to tourists back in 2013, but this doesn’t imply it’s behindhand to start it for the first moment–which is where a GTA Online newcomers guide as this can only help you out. Starting with GTA Online may feel pretty overwhelming, particularly with all these other seasoned players still out there, however, if you obey our advice, then you must have a strong base on which to build your gaming experience. Join us at this moment,

What lifestyle alternatives should I go for throughout the character creator?

The very first thing you will get presented with once you began in GTA Online is the part creator, in which you can select different lifestyle alternatives to decide how your chosen character will spend a regular 24 hours. Those change your player stats, including your appearance, to some degree. Still, the result is marginal in all fairness and has minimal impact on the actual gameplay; therefore, instead, you should concentrate on the character creator’s presentation page.

Could you avoid the tutorial for GTA Online?

The entire world of GTA Online is launched to you all in Free Roam mode, along with a complete guide and tutorial that you can get access to whenever you need it. That’s a great opportunity to go out and explore. A decent activity is stealing vehicles and then either produce those vehicles to Simeon only if they are on the wish list that he sends you, or take them to a customs office in Los Santos for selling them.

How can I stop the grief of other players?

Many of GTA Online teams you meet will be very friendly; however, sometimes, you may find people that only want to create chaos because of the existence of Free Roam. If you like to cruise around again and discover the streets of Los Santos, this could be particularly frustrating, although another player is continuing to follow you and continuously shooting you, blowing you up, and even running you over.

How can I fill up my fitness, armor, and ammo?

In GTA 5, the situation of your character has always got measured by two factors- health and armor-shown as green and blue bars within your radar. You can eat snacks to restore your nutrition by buying them from sales machines. Convincingly, by visiting shops, you can also purchase and store them, after which open the Interaction menu, select the best Snacks Inventory to consume them on the go and upgrade your health.


Similarly, very little is freely available in GTA Online, so you’ll need to catch up on your digital bank account with GTA$ when you wish to keep running your criminal businesses smoothly. Furthermore, for an immediate cash injection, you can purchase a GTA Online Shark Card, but then that costs actual money, so you shouldn’t be at the highest level of your priority list.

What to do to download Gta on Android?

Just Click on the button download to get GTA 5 APK file

In case you have already downloaded to your Mac/PC, you need to move to your iOS/Android device

Next, you need to run it by installing it.